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What is Dial4Help?

It’s the Panic Button that you can easily create on your own mobile phone to replace any existing devices at the 10% of their price (from only €2 per month!).

It will instantly alert your caring neighbours, friends or relatives to help when you are in danger.

It’s more effective than monitored alarms as it gets a faster response.

How does it work?

When in danger, simply press and hold any button for two seconds and it will call our freephone service number (1800 911 000). It will work even if your phone is out of credit, guaranteed!

We immediately receive your call and instantly call and text your designated contacts prompting them to take action (e.g. Call emergency services or rush to your home).

That’s all you need to do – just press ONE SINGLE BUTTON ON YOUR PHONE!

How to set it up?

To sign up, simply CLICK HERE or call us for free on 1800 911 222.

Registration takes no more than 1 minute and another 5 minutes to setup your personalised voice message, text message and list of designated contacts. When complete, simply assign our freephone number 1800 911 000 as a speed dial to one of the keys on your phone (takes only 1 minute). If not sure how, call us for free on 1800 911 222 and we’ll happily guide you through.

That’s it! You’re done!

Oh, and one more thing!

All Dial4Help subscriptions automatically come with our Community Inform Service (CIS), which essentially works as a Neighbourhood Watch.

How it works.

Any of your designated contacts, including yourself, can report suspicious activity around your area by dialling our freephone number 1800-INFORM (1800 463676). Once dialled, our system will send you a text. Simply reply with your warning message and it will be sent to all group members immediately.

Dial4Help – Strength In Numbers!

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